Saturday, February 26, 2005

Attempted Definition

I'm not a religious person.

Of course, if you were to examine my life and then read the sociological definition of religious, you would think I was.

But I've been challenged to really examine how to define this "relationship" I have with God.

Studying European history has been quite eye-opening. The popes had all sorts of weird rules and power trips. Huge motivation for the Crusades was the Crusaders were guaranteed "forgiveness of sins" for recapturing the Holy Land.

I look on this stuff, and it makes me sick.

So what is this God-thing all about in my life?

It can't just be about going to heaven when I die. Because that is most likely 60 years away... and what value is there between now and then?

When Jesus died on the cross, He managed to wipe all the crap out of my life. I do crappy things. I'm not a good person. But Jesus took the consequence of that.

And because of that, I'm perfect in God's eyes. And that means I can have an actual friendship with Him.

And that makes me sound like a lunatic. But I believe it's true.

Friendship with God has it's perks. There's always someone to listen to me. I can trust that He has a plan for my life even when the picture looks bleak. I've got this whole family of other "wackos" who believe God is real who are like a family - and we support each other and share the good stuff and the bad stuff of life with. I can be honest with God because He already knows the truth.

Before this starts to sound like some cheesy list...

I'll admit I do go to church... but it's because I want to, not because I have to.

Okay... those are just some random ramblings. Maybe when I'm a little less tired, I can more fully develop these thoughts.

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