Wednesday, April 26, 2006

No more exams, please... (I wish)

So, I've finally finished 3 exams and only have one to go... which means I will be done in no more than 25 hours.

Unfortunately, I also have to study for my accounting exam because rumour has it that there are a lot of theory type questions... So, while I can crunch numbers without taking an accounting course, this final requires me to actually KNOW something.

But, I'm tired of studying and tired of exams and really wish I could just fast-forward my life to a time when I'm not literally in the middle of exams.

Today's exam was ESPECIALLY frustrating because it was multiple choice, but the answers were so ambiguous! I spent my weekend memorizing theories and names of important people, but the exam tested minutiae. Which is dumb, because what kind of manager would you rather have - one who knew that Buzz Hargrove was the president of the Auto Worker's Union during the filming of the video "Final Offer" or one who knew Vroom's Expectancy Theory, and consequently that the important part of motivation was to offer rewards that were valued?

ANYWAY... It's over now and I have to wait and see if I picked enough of the most right answers.

Accounting, you're next.

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