Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sunsets and Other Such Delights

Lately, I've had several opportunities to enjoy the sun setting. What is it about sunsets that is so exquisite? I feel like it has to be more than the brilliant display of colour.

Last week, we were driving through Saskatchewan and after watching the sun set in my rear view mirror, I pulled over to the side of the road so I could just take it in (and capture it on virtual film). The sun was actually hidden behind a large cloud and beams of light shot out from behind the cloud while the whole sky (and you can see the whole sky in Saskatchewan!) filled with rich crimson and violet hues.

Last night I had another opportunity to take in the sunset. It was raining, but the sun still appeared in the West, complete with exquisite colour.

So why are they so amazing? There's something more than the colour, because flowers are pretty colours, too, but I don't pull up a chair and sit to watch them for a long time.

Perhaps it is that I appreciate so much that God chose to make something that is so routine breathtaking. Every single day the sun sets... Yet many evenings it becomes this incredible show.

Another thing about sunsets is that they are a prairie treat. The mountains and their splendour are 4 hours away. The ocean is at least 12. Many other places have great scenery, but nothing hosts a sunset like the flat horizon of the Prairies.

Symbolically, sunsets are a reminder that today and it's troubles are done. A new day is coming. For good days, sunsets serve as a brilliant finale. Either way, they hold hope for the new day that is coming.

Well... this has probably been an over-analysis, but what can I say? I'm a girl... we specialize in that. :)

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