Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 in Review

It's that time of the year.

The time of the year when I pull out a truly selfish blog to think, ponder and process.

Before I started this "reflection" blog, I looked at last year's to see what my expectations were for this year.

It's interesting, because my expectations were purely status quo: continue to do well in school, run a good summer of day camp and go on a couple of road trips. And, being true to the last two decades, I would not fall in love.

How did I do?

School - I did well. Not really much else to say. I'm proud of my accomplishments and glad that I worked hard enough, so that was good. I've also learned a lot and have really been enjoying my studies.

Day Camp - Again, went well. God seemed to even teach me the same lessons over and over again... He takes care of things. I just need to trust Him. He always provides.

Road Trips - There were some good ones this year. In February, my sister and a couple friends of ours went down the Phoenix, AZ and had some great adventures as well as some relaxing days spent beside the pool. Then at the end of April, I flew down to Vancouver to see a friend of mine as well as my favourite band (Switchfoot) in concert. July and Canada Day brought a trip to Victoria. Then over the August long weekend, my sisters and I went on a whirlwind trip to visit family in Winnipeg. We were gone for a total of four days and during that time made it within about 20 minutes of the Ontario border!

Love - surprise, surprise... didn't happen.

Other highlights of 2006 included working at a variety of part-time jobs, including marking accounting assignments and working as a sales associate at a clothing store. Many existing friendships developed further and I got to know some new people.

So what does 2007 hold? Wouldn't I like to know... I've got four months of school before I hit the big question mark. What are my expectations for 2007?

Well... there are two that I know of for sure. First, I want to have a strong finish to my last semester of school. My goal is to have a degree that says "Dean's List." (I think they write that on your diploma, don't they?)

Second, I want to go on some more adventures. Talks are in place for another Reading Week roadtrip, and there are a few more foreign destinations in the back of my mind.

Beyond that, considering that I am going to be more fervently developing my career beginning in May, I want to learn more about myself and my strengths and my passions when it comes to working. So, it may seem like a cop-out, since we should always be learning, growing and discovering who we are, but I want to make that an intentional part of my life this year.

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