Tuesday, September 09, 2008


2008 will go down in my life as the first year of many flights. I've heard that it is recommended that you go three new places in a year, and this year, I am definitely filling that quota!

The first flight of the year was to Winnipeg. Although it was under sad circumstances (my grandma - Amma as we affectionately called her, since that is Icelandic for grandma - passed away), it was a great visit with family. It's funny how much more we appreciate family as we grow older.

The next set of flights (since it took two each way) was the first one that took me somewhere I had never been... Cuba! Not only had I never been there, it was also my first time outside of North America, and my first time "crossing" the Atlantic Ocean.

Shortly after getting home from Cuba, I got an invitation to head to London, Ontario to check out the Ivey School of Business campus. Although I had been through London and Toronto before, I cannot remember ever really visiting. And I definitely can't remember whether I'd ever been to Niagara Falls, so that was another set of firsts. (And the third set of flights!)

The next set of flights is going to take me to three new places: Boston, New York and Virginia. My mom and I are headed to Boston in early October to check out Harvard Business School and sneaking in a weekend in New York before heading further south to the University of Virginia, where the Darden School of Business is located. As I can't remember ever being out East during the time when the leaves are changing colours, I am VERY much looking forward to enjoying the fall foliage, especially in a collegiate environment!

Anyway... I am hoping this will be a new trend in my life, as it will probably be quite a while before I run out of three new places a year.

Oh, and I'm sorry as this is absolutely the most self-indulgent blog I've ever posted.

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