Monday, February 23, 2009

Cross-Border Study Headaches

Growing up, I always watched American television. I'm relatively up-to-date on American politics and especially the American economy. In some ways, being Canadian feels a lot like being American, except that I apologize to people when I bump into them and take off my shoes when going inside.

But now that I am going to study in the States, I am learning that the US is a completely different country. Studying in the States requires a visa, which requires loans. Loans are tricky to navigate, since my options are taking out Canadian funds (a risky option as my heart sinks a little with the Canadian dollar) or paying heinous interest charges. On top of that, getting an American bank account and credit card are not as straight-forward as setting up Canadian accounts.

And then, there is the big question of whether I will even be able to work in the States when all is said and done, especially given the recent implementations of protectionist measures.

And yet as I sift through all these headaches, I watched the most recent admissions video blog. Here's a good contrast for you... In Edmonton, it is snowing and cold. I trudge through the snow to my car, feet cold from the wet snow as I brush off the snow. I drive through the slow traffic because no one really remembers how to drive in snow. Then I watch the video blog and find out it is mid-70s in C'ville. People are walking around in t-shirts.

Even if I weren't going for the educational opportunity, it's worth the headache of moving!

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