Monday, March 30, 2009

U2 in C'ville - One More Thing Off the Bucket List!

SO... I just found out that U2 is coming to Charlottesville on October 1.

When I started to plan to move down to the States, one of the big perks that I realized was that I would be able to see more concerts than I can in big ole Edmonton. When U2 announced their tour, I thought maybe, just possibly, they MIGHT make a stop in Washington DC, which is 2 hours from C'ville. Never did I dream that they would come right into Charlottesville!!!

The next challenge is getting tickets. In my haste to buy them, I think I got totally ripped off. Watch out for they are total scalpers. Tickets don't go on sale until Friday...

EDIT: Cancelled the order and got them through Ticketmaster. (Yes, it's before Friday... I signed up for to take advantage of the pre-sale!)

I bought 4 tickets. I've got 2 left if anyone wants to come visit October 1...

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