Saturday, August 01, 2009

And With That, a Chapter is Closed

Tonight, a whole bunch of my friends gathered at my parents' house to wish me a happy birthday and say goodbye (or, rather, "see you at Christmas!"). It is such a blessing to leave a place when you know you will be missed. Some goodbyes are harder than others, but with the webcam my parents gave me, hopefully the face-to-face chats will be much easier. One of my best friends got teary, but her boyfriend promised to hook her up with me on Skype so we can still talk.

This blog post has been a long time coming. My journey to the MBA program started about two years ago when I started considering all the options. It was almost six months ago, to the day, that I got that phone call from the Darden admissions office. The past six months have been filled with anxiety and excitement, and now my Acura is packed and I am pretty much ready to go. It was definitely an interesting day as I realized I couldn't take everything with me, but my dad's resourcefulness with some garbage bags and a vacuum saved the day and I got everything that I didn't want to have to replace into the trunk. My sisters and I will definitely be squished on the drive down, but that's life! If you're the praying kind, please pray that the border guard will not want to open the trunk on Monday since I really doubt I will be able to get it all back in if asked to unpack.

This will be my last blog posting from Edmonton. Tomorrow at 8 a.m., my sisters and I will squish into my car with our overnight bags and drive to Winnipeg. From there, we drive to Sioux City, Iowa, then to Louisville, Kentucky and finally arrive in Charlottesville, Virginia on Wednesday.

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