Saturday, April 24, 2010

Follies and Foxfield

Follies was last night at Darden. Rather than writing a lot about it, I thought I'd share my favourite video: Darden Dancing.

Going out for a friend's birthday last night was probably not the best idea, seeing as how I should have been on the bus for Foxfield at 9 a.m. Since I never really understood what the whole deal with Foxfield was, I opted for skipping the bus. With the temperature in the 50s, and ominous clouds looming over Charlottesville and surrounding area, I decided Foxfield was not for me. However, halfway through the morning, one of my friends texted to tell me all the fun I was missing, so I called a cab, threw on a sundress, and headed out to see what all the fuss was about.

Foxfield, as best as I can tell, is a very Virginia tradition. It reminds me of football and tailgating. Girls in sun dresses, pearls, hats (and galoshes) and guys with seer suckers or shorts and dress shirts. The Darden tent is located in the middle of the race track, and occasionally a few horses will run by as part of the Steeplechase. While the Darden tent definitely seemed classier than most of the undergrad area, I must admit that I left right as the keg stands started.

All in all, Foxfield is an essential part of the Charlottesville experience. If nothing else, you feel very much like you're in the American South.


Wallace said...

Do you know the song used in the background?

Great video - my husband is a 91 grad and enjoyed seeing all his old teachers!

Julie said...

The song is called Praang. The video is a spoof on another one called "Where the Hell is Matt?" and listed in the credits at the end.

Crazy that we have some of the same profs they had 20 years ago!

Wallace said...

Thanks so much Julie! I found it on Youtube. :)

Yep he had Sam Bodily, Alec Hornimann, Robert Carraway,Jim Clawson,and Brandt Allen. The faculty have diversified a bit since then :)

He was involved with the Darden Christian Fellowship and the investment fund (or something like that).:)

wallace said...

Oh and Dean Bruner wasn't the dean then - but he was my husband's favorite teacher.