Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall is Here

In my last blog post, I bemoaned the passing of fall without my mindful watch. Well, yesterday was a very rare weekday off school, and having prepped all I possibly could for the upcoming stretch of interviews, I played hooky from life, drove an hour and a half up Skyline Drive, and went for a hike.

While I will always be partial to my Canadian Rockies, and frequently refer to Shenandoah as "mountains", I will admit that fall in Shenandoah National Park is breathtakingly beautiful. Growing up in a climate where fall lasted two weeks, and the only colour the leaves ever turned was yellow, it is an absolute treat to watch the autumn season unfold slowly, with it's wide array of fall hues. That the mountains in Shenandoah don't go higher than the tree line means that the valleys are filled with rolling hills covered in trees, sporting colours of every kind this time of year.

My friend and I made our way up to White Oak Canyon, with the main attraction being the first set of waterfalls. After a week of rain a while back, the waterfall was gorgeous and full. We reached the main lookout on the waterfall, a nice rock outcropping, and sat to eat some freshly picked apples and simply enjoy the warm sun and breathtaking views. It was the perfect day. Driving home, we decided instead of cutting over to the faster Route 29, we would just take Skyline Drive as far as we could. All in all, it was definitely the best way to prep for upcoming interviews.

Of course, most things in life are too good to be true, and my otherwise perfect day was no exception. About thirty minutes into the hike, my fast downhill pace got the better of me and I fell and twisted my ankle. Being the stubborn trooper that I am, I wasn't about to allow a twisted ankle to spoil my day, especially since I seemed to be able to still turn it and walk on it just fine. So I hiked another three hours or so. Unfortunately, after sitting in the car for half an hour after finishing the hike, I realized that was not the smartest of decisions and have since been resting, icing, compressing and elevating my ankle. (RICE) Needless to say, I sported flat shoes to my interview this morning. (And, since all my pant suits are tailored to be worn with heels, I had to wear a skirt and show off my awesome war wound. Sigh.)

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