Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pure Bliss

This quarter, I'm taking two reading classes, so the bulk of my class preparation consists of reading two books before Monday every week. For my literature class in particular, the books are acutely enjoyable.

Spring has finally decided to make an appearance in Charlottesville, so I'm sitting outside on my balcony reading The Imperfectionists.

My friend and I were discussing the "good seasons" in the places we've lived and dream of living. While I can't handle the summer heat or the winter grey/brown down in VA, spring and fall are undoubtedly seasons that top most seasons anywhere else I've lived. (which is really just the Canadian Prairies, which all has a similar climate) If you don't live in Cville, I would recommend heading down to Virginia at some point in the fall or spring. I am treated daily with the slow unveiling of flowered trees and my favorite flower - lilacs. The weather at this time of year is around my optimal 70F (22C) and life is just generally blissful.

It doesn't hurt my enjoyment at this moment to know that, as per Facebook status updates, it has snowed back home in Edmonton...

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Richard C. Lambert said...

I get a lot of random questions from friends and relatives. It is an occupational hazard. This one just came down the grapevine.