Saturday, July 09, 2011

Edinburgh Sunset

So the truth is that I haven't been up to much today other than packing (I had a 20 kg weight limit for my plane ride and had to figure out how to get my suitcase below that... And I had success! 19.4 kg), flying, riding in taxis, catching up on overdue Skype conversations and getting completely drenched in what the people from Edinburgh call "not even a shower".

But as I ate dinner in my hotel restaurant, I caught a glimpse of a beautiful landscape beyond the hotel, so I climbed up the hill beside the hotel and snapped some photos.


sally said...

it can be so hard trying to keep the luggage under 20kilos, so well done! Edinburgh is a beautiful city, i hope you have a wonderful time.

Shuffleboard Tables said...

Being from Glasgow i can only apreciate a great Edin.sunset my self.