Friday, August 26, 2011

Back in the Saddle

So I am alive, as it turns out.

My last blog post was over a month ago, but life has been crazy since then. I spent the first three weeks of August settling into Boston and entertaining guests.

On Sunday, I flew out to Chicago for my first week of training. It was intense. Like, 7:30am-until-6pm-social-activities-starting-at-6:15 intense. The important thing, though, is that I can't wait to get started! This whole week made me think I needed to pinch myself because I'm at a place where I've wanted to be for a long, long time.

I could go into details, but I'm exhausted.

Of course, my life took an interesting turn today.

You may have heard of Irene. She's heading toward New York as I write this, and she stopped all air traffic heading to the East Coast tomorrow. Since I have to be in Princeton on Monday morning, and there's no telling what Irene is going to do, I was scheduled last minute on a flight out of Chicago and get to spend the weekend in Princeton, NJ, where the power is most likely to go out tomorrow. I am celebrating the occasion with chocolate cake and cava. My original plan was to stay with a friend in Manhattan for the weekend, but since Manhattan is pretty much getting evacuated, that fell through.

What an adventurous first week of being a consultant.

Anyway, if you still read my blog, please leave a comment and let me know if I should keep blogging. I enjoyed blogging about my life at Darden, and if anyone out there would enjoy reading about my "exciting" life as a consultant, let me know!


Metal said...

Oh Boy! Its been almost a year since I commented on your blog, but all this while I have been reading silently! Don't stop blogging! For me its been an year since graduation, but I still write regularly ( tough to write about work on the public domain, so its taken off in some weird direction ;p)
Congratulations on starting on your new job! And oh btw, I will be visiting Boston next week, if you could recommend me any places to see/visit that'll be great!

Pink Lemonade said...

You should keep blogging and I'll keep reading! It's great to hear where you're at.

Ravi said...

Hey, I am Ravi... I am in the process of applying to schools. I read only a handful of blogs (3 to be exact Money9111, Justship and yours). I enjoyed your posts and learnt some things. I feel you should keep posting. I understand full time job might take a toll on you but try to drop in some words at least once in a week. Thank you.

Atish said...

yes, absolutely :)

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