Sunday, May 14, 2006

Trust Theory

Tonight I have no deep thoughts. It's just that I was involved in a very long conversation today about blogging and realized that it's been almost two weeks since I posted.

So, I'd better come up with something profound.

I'd like to open up a forum in the comments section on the subject of trusting God. And I don't want to to be a cliche discussion where we throw out verses, such as "well, in Prov. 3:5,6 it says to trust God, and He will direct your paths." Real-life examples only.

The question is: can we really trust God? And I know that my even asking it almost sounds blasphemous, because the "right" answer is "of course." But what about the real life answer... As I write this, I can think of dozens of stories of times when God lead me down paths where I didn't really know what was going on, but He pulled amazing things out of it.

But, the reason for the question, is that I can also think of times when I thought I was following God's direction, and I trusted Him, and I got burned for it. Was I wrong to trust Him? Or are we not at the end of the story yet?

Yes, I know what the "right" answers are, but I need the heart answers. Share your stories here about times when it took a really long time for God to show you what He was doing. Is there a time in your life that something really terrible happened, and you hurt for a long time, but then God redeemed the situation and did something really amazing? Something that never would have happened if the sucky thing hadn't happened?

In my head, I know that it's worth it to trust God, but as I'm heading toward another crossroad in my life, I'm hesitant to wait for His leading, because I feel like I can handle things on my own.

But, would that lead to, what someone called today, a "default existence?"

Can we experience true joy without completely trusting God?

Well, feel free to comment. Or maybe I'm the only one who struggles to trust Him.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Julie!
Can we trust God? Sure we can! I am convinced that no matter what, He's always there for you.I can't think of a specific story or annecdote, but this is what I think:
There is a reason that God gave us free will.He believes that we will use it to do good and be good.
God has a plan for us...we don't know it, but every time we get an idea into our heads,I believe that idea is inspired by God.What we make of it-wether we cat on it ir not, it's up to us. Even the bad ideas...they're kind of a test for us from Him to see if he's taught us well.
And last but not least, GOd is very flexible.He anticipates our steps and steps up to save the day if need be. Ever wonder why things sometimes just work out for no apparent reason at all?
You know the saying:'whenever God closes a door He opens a window'? there is so much truth to that!we keep him on our toes with our sometimes crazy decisions, but in the end, he saves the day.May not be obvious at first, but it happens. So putting your faith and trust in God should be an obvious thing. and let's not forget, He isn't just up in heaven on a cloud, he's often among us here on earth to make sure you're going to be ok.
hugs, Aleks