Friday, May 26, 2006

Life and Love and Why

Is the title of one of my favourite Switchfoot songs. And since I had nothing on my mind when I started this blog entry, I borrowed it as a title.

Since I talk about Switchfoot a lot, I figured that maybe it would be good to talk about why I like them.

First of all, I like their sound. It's rocky, but melodic, with great guitar riffs. And Jon Foreman's voice just has a great raw quality to it.

But, beyond that, I like their message. Many have accused them of "selling out," but I just don't understand how anyone could read that from their lyrics. Since leaving the exclusively "Christian" industry, they've gained a greater voice and become even more vocal about social justice and the problems of materialism in society. The last time I saw them in concert, they encouraged us to do what we can and use our voices to affect change. They challenge the status quo and call their listeners to "live for so much more."

Anyway, time is up and I must be going. But take a look at their site: or their mySpace: Jon Foreman is one of the most poetic writers I know.

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