Thursday, June 01, 2006

Nothing to Say these Days...

The inspiration just isn't coming to me these days.

Sunday night I sat down to blog about poker. I was going to pull some profound analogies, but they just weren't happening. In the last week, I have played three games of poker (and before you report me to the pastor, I don't play for money) and lost every time. Usually, I can hold my own at games, but I haven't quite caught on to poker yet. Sunday I had the win in my grasp, but the combination of my oh-so-great poker face and lack of aggression cost me the win. It was a tragic loss, too. I thought I had more chips than the other guy. He pulled me all in. With pocket jacks, I had to do it. He had a 10-9 suited. Then the flop contained a 10 and a 9. He had two pair. Then as I was counting my chips to give him what I owed, it turned out we were exactly even. And it was over. Next time, I suppose. Maybe I'll try to pull out the "I've got pocket Aces" face when I've got a 2-7 off-suit or something.

Tuesday night I sat down to blog about refugees. That evening I had gone to see "Lost Boys of Sudan" at the social justice film festival ( and it would make for some good blog material. But the truth is that I didn't really take what I was supposed to from the movie. All I could think was that we need to work on the problems that are causing these people to be displaced. Why should they have to leave Africa to come live here? More and more I think they've got it more together than we do. Obviously there are problems - food and water and health are important. But they have values that seem to surpass our own. People are so much more important there.

Then tonight I just sat down to write, and this is take two. I think I'll keep it.

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