Thursday, September 28, 2006

No Good, Very Bad Day

There are some days when you just shouldn't write about what's on your mind, and today is one of those days. So, I will try to shift from the non-events that are making me grouchy to a psychological analysis on why they are all happening today.

It really is true what "they" say about outlook - it really affects everything. When you're tired, minor glitches seem to compile to make you frustrated. Joking around with friends suddenly becomes old and you just want to lash out. Twenty minutes into your 80 minute Accounting class, you suddenly realize that accounting really IS boring, and you've been duped over the past year into thinking that it's interesting and practical. Today, I realized that all we are doing is memorizing rules for making income statements. Yes, that's what I love to do - memorize rules.

So, maybe not the profession for me. I don't really like following rules, much less memorizing them.

But, the thing is, if I had chosen to just be happy this morning, maybe none of this would have happened. Maybe when Hotmail experienced technical difficulties and wouldn't let me download the report I needed to print, I could have simply shrugged, logged out, and logged back in again. That would have been more productive than yelling at the monitor. (Yes, Mom, I know that when I yell "stupid computer," if it could hear and process, it would yell back, "stupid operator.")

Maybe when I found out that the van isn't going to be fixed until tomorrow, I wouldn't have gone for a rant on how they should give me a courtesy car and how I'm never buying a Dodge. (Kind of a useless rant, since I decided that a long, LONG time ago.)

Sleep may have a huge factor on my "cheery thermometer," but perhaps I can CHOOSE to be pleasant.

After all, I've gotten more work done today than any other day this semester.

And maybe tonight I'll fall asleep when my head hits the pillow, and I can look forward to waking up early and having a productive day tomorrow.

So... time for happy thoughts. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Can you really say you're never buying a Dodge, when you've already bought one?