Monday, October 09, 2006

Love vs. Romance

Tonight I happened to turn on the TV and watch The Bachelor: Rome. Now, I don't recommend watching this show, but in this case, curiosity got the better of me, and I tuned in. The show is set up to be every girl's dream: a real Italian prince, dates in Rome, yada yada...

And that combined with a sermon on love a few weeks ago has gotten me to thinking:

Since when did romance replace love?

Think about popular culture... there aren't a whole lot of chick flicks that deal with solid marriages. The few notable exceptions which may touch on the long-term, commitment aspect really only mention it while focussing on the romantic "falling in love" part. For example, the Notebook. Possibly one of the most beautiful love stories ever, with (SPOILER: if you haven't seen the movie before, I'm about to spoil the ending) the married couple dying together, after we see that he faithfully stood by her even as she lost her memory. Which is a beautiful story of love and commitment, but that part of the movie was so minimal. The focus of the movie was the part where they "fell in love" and where their romance "blossomed," if you will.

I'm definitely not an expert on love and romance. In fact, I am the opposite. Not even an amateur or a rookie... more of a nothing at all... But, I have a feeling that the romance and "falling in love" part is such a minimal part - so why is culture so focussed on that?

Anyway, these thoughts are far from being fully developed. Just a rant after hearing all these girls talk about how chasing this Italian prince was like a dream...

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