Monday, November 06, 2006

Divine Romance

Check out the song Divine Romance by Phil Wickham: then click on "Divine Romance"
At the risk of violating copyright laws, I won't print the lyrics, instead I'll let you enjoy the whole song.

I discovered it on the mySpace of a friend who just got married, and all the attendants walked in to that song, so I was reminded of how much I love it.

But it's also so pertinent to where I'm at right now. The officiating pastor at the wedding talked about how marriage on earth is simply a picture of the reality of Christ loving us. He shared the image of how in the Old Testament times, the betrothal would last a year, then the groom would march through the city with the best man blowing a ram's horn going to claim his bride.

As a girl, I've often struggled with the desire for romance and feeling loved, cherished and beautiful. But as God and I have talked about it, He's shown me that He created me with those desires because HE intends to fulfill them. Marriage here on earth is all good, I'm sure, but ultimately if I'm not fulfilled knowing that God loves and cherishes me, then I'm not going to be fulfilled by anything.

So, Mom and Dad, next time you give me trouble about being at the age where I should get married, I'd like to remind you that I am already betrothed.


Toews Family said...

What a profound insight. I want to encourage you in it, no matter what is happening in life, whether romance, purpose, illness, self image, God has created us to find our fulfillment in Him, to glory in Him. Then, no matter what happens in life, we are at peace and can live with joy. Your blog encourages me, by your love for the Lord.

Toews Family said...

Sorry, Julie, I forgot to identify myself in my post. This is Uncle George.