Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Mark of Our Generation

For the sake of simplicity, let's just include everyone alive today as "our" generation.

Tonight I heard a compelling interview with Bono (for the second time, actually, but I still loved it), in which he stated that our generation could be known as the generation that eradicates stupid poverty.

It's not such a great feat, you know. Women were given the right to vote. Racism ended in the States. Apartheid ended in South Africa. While all these things ultimately amounted to a political decision, it took an entire nation of paradigm shifting to make them possible.

The AIDS crisis and ensuing poverty are not a simple matter of political decision. There are complex factors involved, and convincing a government to change it's policy is a tiny fraction of the problem.

But perhaps if our generation truly bonded together to do something, we could effect change.

Bono said something to the effect of... "the world is malleable, it can be wrestled from fools". Let's be a part of the movement to end extreme, "stupid" poverty. <- a campaign that dedicates half of the profits from special (RED) Products to the Global Fund, which fights AIDS$FILE/AidsTest.html <- a quiz on AIDS... I learned a lot from taking it

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