Sunday, November 22, 2009

Could that be a light?

At the end of the tunnel, that is...

Black November has been everything it was promised to be. It isn't the case load for me. School is challenging, but in a way that makes me thrive and excited about solving the challenges.

It's everything else on top of school. The resume drop deadling is quickly approaching: December 4. Despite my best intents, my cover letter still lies in its first draft form on my desk. There are networking calls and emails that need to be done, and plans for the job trek I am leading to Toronto are taking a long time to take shape.

There are three things that are keeping me going right now. First, I have amazing support. There's the first wave of friends who are here and struggling as much as me. We all have different strengths, and help each other in whatever way we can. While I may be sitting down with someone to talk through accounting concepts, someone else will be taking the time to help me find a contact or run through practice case interviews. And on top of all that, I have great people here who will talk me through whatever I am struggling with. The friendships I have developed are open and honest. And, on top of that, I've got good support back home, with friends and family who are not going through all this and are cheering from the sidelines.

Second, I know that every second year student I have talked to has made it through this time. And every alum who went before them. Yes, Darden is tough, but everyone survives and comes out a better person for going going through it.

And finally... perhaps most importantly... I realized yesterday that in just three weeks, I'll be in Toronto. Resumes will have been dropped, Q2 exams will have been written. I'll see one of my best friends and spend a week talking to companies on the Toronto Job Trek. And in four weeks, I'll be home, with nothing to stress about but interview prep and trying to fit everything in. From the looks of Facebook, there is snow back home, too!

So, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. But in the meantime, I have my Thanksgiving trip to look forward to. It's a testament to the craziness of Darden that I haven't mentioned or even really thought about the fact that I'm flying to Munich, Germany, to see my sister in just two short days! And when I get back, it will be right at the end of Black November.

And I will join the ranks of those who have survived.

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Metal said...

November of the Fall Semester is the toughest one month of the MBA program. Hang in there, we all survive :)