Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Learning Team

There are three different types of learning teams at Darden.

1) Teams that all love each other and plan to name their babies after one another.
2) Teams that fight, and may have even broken up by now.

and then there is the category that my learning team falls under:

3) Teams who know how to work efficiently and effectively with one another.

Of course, don't get me wrong. While we may not be sappily close to one another, we get along really well and always make a point of eating dinner together on Sunday evenings - at someone's house, rather than the learning team room. I am always grateful for the support and understanding we have for one another. With all of us having different backgrounds, we mesh well and serve different functions. When I was sick last week, my team was gracious enough to tell me to just stay home and sent me the notes from the team meeting.

Learning teams are an integral part of the learning system at Darden. While there are times that I long for free evenings, I learn SO much from my group that I can't imagine learning half as much without them.

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