Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Snow Days

One of the advantages of being a student is the ability to do tasks that are normally done when everyone else is doing them at times when everyone else is at work. Grocery shopping is one of the best examples of this. Weekday afternoons typically provide ample parking and small check-out lines.

In fact, there are very few times when weekday afternoons have crowded grocery stores (Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve pretty much sum it up). So, as I saw the snow starting to come down and recalled my previous experience with snow in Virginia (during which I just walked through the snow to the grocery store), I figured I would take a quick trip to pick up food so I would be able to simply hibernate should my car be buried under a foot of snow again.

I couldn't find a parking spot.

As someone who grew up with snow as a constant fact during the winter, the reaction of people down here to the snow is a bit of a culture shock for me. In fact, not to sound like your grandma telling woe-is-me tales, I can remember going out to start my car in -40 weather (-56 with windchill), driving to work while one lane of traffic was basically a snow drift, and running into the office. So, a dusting of snow and temperatures hovering around zero is nothing. But, as a dual degree student mentioned this morning, they only got a total of 3 or 4 inches of snow last year. So the fact that we are expecting 4 to 6 inches tonight is a big deal.

I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow. I can't recall that I've ever had one.


Pink Lemonade said...

Hahahaha, you should be so lucky! The only snow day I remember ever getting in Edmonton is when we couldn't physically get the car out of the garage, but I think that was just me and my brother & sisters, most kids made it and we missed out on a school pizza party.

Still mad about missing that pizza party.

you are the love of my life said...

I love snowy days.It is like someone waved a wand and turned that dreary rain to fluffy bits of fun. For a busy mom, the sight of snow brings a momentary feeling of wonder and then…Oh, no! Snow. Wet boots. Wet gloves. Tracks on the floor. Runny noses. Icy driveways. Cars to sweep off and sidewalks to shovel. School delays or even closings. While all of those things are pretty much inevitable, you can manage them a bit better if you are already prepared for snowy days at home

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I like snow days. In these days everyone want to doing fun. While all these things are almost inevitable, you can better manage their grain of sand if you are ready for snow days at home.