Thursday, February 04, 2010

Life and Love and Why

For some time, I've debated about what kind of content to include on my blog. If you've been following along my blog since May, you may remember the post on Blog with an Identity Crisis.

Since becoming an official student blogger, and thus having most of the traffic coming to my blog through the Darden website, I've especially struggled with how comfortable I can be on posting thoughts on my faith. It's not that I am ashamed of my faith or anything, but I always feel like I need to make a disclaimer before I start writing.

So... I have started a new blog on thoughts on my faith throughout the remainder of my time at Darden. The blog is named after one of my favourite Switchfoot songs - Life and Love and Why. I'll have the posts streamed through one of the columns on the right.

This isn't to say that I will completely cut my faith out of this blog, but really overt thoughts on faith will be relegated to the other blog. Feel free to journey along over there.

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