Saturday, June 25, 2011

More from the Other-World (or Iceland Part 2)

The wonders of Iceland have been keeping me busy and active, but with D leaving today and a nasty cold slowing me down, I've finally gotten an afternoon to explore Reykjavik and sit in a coffee shop and back up some pictures. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to upload the pictures from today's excursions, but I'll post a few from Thursday and Friday - busy days spent horse back riding, lounging in the Blue Lagoon and hiking through Thorsmork.

Icelanders are weird. I say that somewhat hesitantly, being of Icelandic heritage myself, but as I've walked around and observed, I've seen a variety of people in homemade bunny costumes, in whale costumes, and most recently some sort of oddly dressed bachelorette party (I can only assume) in which one girl actually had cups in her hair. Of course, the highlight from my colorful characters of Iceland tour was the young man being towed behind a truck on a platform playing drums... Shirtless with the tan line from a bikini top (I can only imagine it was a spray-on tan). To top off all of these interesting observations, I heard a statistic on a tour the other day that 70% of Icelanders won't deny the existence of the "hidden people" (trolls, dwarves and elves... There are three kinds.).

Of course, they are also very endearing, and I haven't met one yet who wasn't friendly and accommodating. When my tour bus driver forgot to pick me up on Wednesday, one of the staff from the tour company ran from his office to collect me at my guesthouse and walk me over to the harbor for my whale watching tour.

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