Monday, June 13, 2011

There's No Need to Panic

On Thursday, I leave Charlottesville.

While I am sure that everything will be fine, my apartment is currently in a state of almost-complete disarray and I worry simultaneously that I won't get everything out of my apartment and that what I want to take to Boston with me will not fit in my car.

It should all be fine, but these are the things you think about when you can literally count in hours the time you have to get everything done.

But it will all be fine.

Someone recently posted a comment asking what I've been up to... well... since I finished my last exam over a month ago, I've somehow managed to keep myself busy with things as random as strawberry picking and roller coasting riding (twice!), have taken many, many trips (to the Outer Banks, DC, Boston for an apartment, Louisville for my roommate's wedding), did two consulting mini-projects, said "see you later" to a lot of friends, and slept in many, many times. The past few weeks have seemed like "filler" weeks while I wait for the highlight of the summer - Thursday's "move" (aka transfer of stuff to storage to Boston) and subsequent Europe trip. In exactly a week, I will be in Iceland.

So now you know what life is like for a post-graduate, pre-work Dardenite. I think my experiences have been pretty typical, judging from conversations around C'ville and pics on Facebook. Stay tuned for pics from my summer travels!

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