Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's not even spring yet...

Since it seems I've been having many conversations about love and romance lately, I figure I should just tackle it in my blog rather than shy away from the topic.

I don't know why the topic has been so prevalent. I was at a friend's birthday party on Saturday night and when I returned from the washroom, the topic had turned to "prying into people's personal lives" and I was put on the spot. "Do you have any prospects?" After I answered them (and just for the record - not really), they guy beside me told everyone he was "looking."

The next day, I was out for lunch when the topic came up again.

As I'm getting older (yes, I know I'm not old, but let's face it - we're ALL getting older), it seems that all my friends that AREN'T getting married this summer are turning to more and more desperate measures. I can't even count how many Internet dating sites I've been recommended to over the past few months. I have friends who have tried speed dating. And on Saturday, I was invited to a "singles night."

Now, to be honest, I know approximately three single guys. And none of these guys seem to be showing any particular interest in me. But the idea of going out looking for a guy is still somewhat bothersome to me.

Is romance dead? I've always thought that girls deserve to be pursued. I want someone to meet me, fall in love with me and then pursue me. But as I continually fail to meet guys who could do this very thing, it makes me wonder. Is it still possible?

If I refuse to go out and find a guy myself, am I destined to eternal singleness? And is being single forever too big of a price to pay for my ideals? Are my ideals too much? Is it unrealistic to expect that anyone's ever going to chase me? Am I doing something to deter them? Sometimes I feel like I live in a parallel world where I hear that love exists, but I may never personally experience it.

At this point, I'm not too concerned. Singleness is still an appealing life choice. But it may be less so in ten years, and by then it may be too late. So I think about it now in case I need to change something.

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