Tuesday, March 07, 2006

That Finance Assignment Can Wait...

This is ripped from my cousin Wendy's blog (http://wendypeffercorn.blogspot.com)

A- Age of your first kiss: I'll tell you later.
B- Band you are listening to right now: The Turtles - Happy Together, now Switchfoot - Golden
C- Crush: Are they still called crushes at 24? Oh, for the good old days of Jr. High when there were lots of single guys to have crushes on. Of course, they were also Jr. High boys.
D- Drink you drank last: Diet Coke with Lime
E- Easiest person to talk to: Rebecca
F- Favorite ice cream: Cookies 'n Cream
G- Gummy worms or gummy bears: worms
H- Height: 5'7"
I- Instruments: piano, saxophone, varying skill in guitar, bass and drums
J- Jelly Flavor: raspberry
K- Kids: What about them? I have none, may never have any. But I do like them. Especially when you can send them back to their parents when they cry or misbehave.
L- Longest car/bus ride: Hmmm... Either Mexico or Phoenix. Phoenix was a 30.5 hour drive straight down. Mexico was spread over three days. Actually, come to think of it, Montreal would probably have been farther than either of those.
I love road trips.
M- Major issue: What kind of question is that? I guess the biggest thing on my mind is who to vote for in tomorrow's SU election.
N- Nicknames: Julie, Jules, Joolz
O- One wish: I wish I could be on vacation again.
P- Phobia: My current biggest fear is that I will "settle" in a relationship
Q- Quote: "He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." - Jim Eliot
R- reason to smile: God loves me!
S- Shoe size: 9 or 10
T- Time you woke up today: 8:30ish
U- Unknown fact about me: A lot of people don't know that I lived in Texas for a year.
V- Vegetables: What am I supposed to say for this one? I like carrots. Brocolli is only good if it's been steamed. Mushrooms (which, if you didn't realize, are FUNGUS!) are gross.
W- Worst Habit: Putting tasks ahead of people
X- Xmas gift you really want: I really wanted an iPod this last Christmas. When I jokingly told my parents, they had already bought one for me! So, I got it.
Y- Your dream date: Hmmm... I've heard it's bad to describe him, so I guess I will assume this question is asking for an activity or location. I would say mini-golfing in Phoenix followed by fish and chips in Seattle. Yes, I know, virtually impossible, but that's why it's a dream!
Z- Zodiac sign: Leo. Of course, I also put exactly zero stock in my horoscope.

Well, there you have it - the A to Z's of me.

Maybe something insightful will come sometime. For now, I'm just sleepy.

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Becky, why can't i view your blog?