Monday, July 06, 2009

All Smiles Today

One of the last of my biggest stressors finally came into place today... I was approved for my loan! Yes, I know, this detail should have been ironed out back in May, but I've been investigating multiple options and finally took the plunge. Anyway, prior to today, there was always a small fear in the back of my mind that everything wouldn't work out and I would end up jobless and homeless at the end of July. But it's all come together and now it really feels like a reality. If only I could sell my car, I would be able to just kick back and relax for the next month... (I probably will anyway, to be honest.)

And then I got home and there was a nice, big, friendly package from Darden waiting on the mail counter. It was filled with all sorts of welcome letters from faculty, students and support staff. It reminded me of the summer before Grade 7, when I pored over all the information from my junior high school. I will admit there are a few readings that look more like work than welcome letters, but I guess I can suck it up and read them while in a plane or car sometime over the next few weeks.

It will probably take some time, but I'm starting to realize that I'm headed off to a world-class institution. In Canada, there may be a few schools that stand out, but in general our public universities are all at the same level. (And a pretty good one, at that!) But in the US, it seems that a few really rise to the top. And I'm just excited, as I've mentioned dozens of times already, about being a part of Darden and the University of Virginia.

In other mundane news, I am flying to Iowa to be a bridesmaid for one of my best friends in about two weeks. She was living in China for a few years and will be moving to Iowa where her fiance is, BUT she is in Edmonton this week. After being pretty much off the hook for bridesmaid responsibilities all year (save trying on dresses and sending the pics to China and sending a fabric swatch to the florist), it was super fun to go shopping this evening and spend time at MAC getting ideas for eye makeup and all that stuff. As many of my friends in Edmonton are already married and starting families (which, don't get me wrong, is a really exciting stage in life), I am really looking forward (and hoping!) to develop some more friendships with other single girls at Darden next year. The agenda for the rest of the week includes drinks on a patio tomorrow (yes, it's a summer theme here. The summer lasts for precisely nine days or so, and I aim to spend some time on each of those days on a patio. Before you go look up Edmonton weather on Wikipedia to prove me wrong, I'll just let you know that the nine days of summer in Edmonton aren't actually consecutive.), bridesmaid dress fitting, and who knows what else?

And finally, if you are still reading, I officially gave my two week notice today. Since I have discovered since my last post about work that some of my co-workers DO read my blog, I just wanted to say that yes, I will miss you! And the Company and all the challenges that I have conquered... or starting conquering... or failed miserably at and learned good lesssons from...

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Atish said...

i too got the package :)
part of so many things that i had played on my mind throughout the last year (getting the admit call, going to the consulate, getting the welcome packages).. feels good. really good!