Thursday, July 23, 2009

In the Calm, Cool, Quiet of the Morning

The house is quiet. Though soon to be bustling with the other 7 people currently sleeping here and numerous others, for a short time I get to enjoy hearing nothing but the fan on the ceiling and the clock ticking above me on the wall.

Mornings are a special time. I don't consider myself a morning person because I'm not a smiley, cheerful person when forced to interact with others shortly after waking up. But when I get my space, mornings are a time to savour and reflect. Living in a busy place, mornings are an introvert's dream. When I worked summer camp, I would get up in the mornings to run or pray. Since most people (me included!) hate getting up early, mornings are a special space where everyone else is off in their dream world and I get the waking world to myself.

It's funny to me that if I can get less sleep but have some space in the morning, I will be less grouchy than if I have the opportunity to sleep in and be greeted with someone talking to me right when I wake up. Despite getting very little sleep last night, I feel much more rejuvenated than I have all week.

A door just opened upstairs. Soon someone will be down and the morning will no longer be my own.

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Atish said...

very vivid.. liked it