Sunday, June 07, 2009

High School Reunion: The Aftermath

So as I mentioned a few days ago, my high school reunion was tonight. It was definitely not what I was expecting! For some reason, I had always imagined high school reunions to be filled with small talk at the punch bowl about where you ended up in life. In truth, I didn't get to brag to anyone about my fabulous accomplishments. I found the people I had been friends with, and through the magic of Facebook, we all had a reasonable idea of what we were up to. We picked up just where we left off ten years ago (actually, really, less than that!), sat through the program, then skipped the "after-party" for our own party at a nearby restaurant.

It's really fun being ten years older and still sharing all the memories. We are all in the professional stages of our lives - finished undergrad and working in professional jobs and/or pursuing graduate studies. None of us imagined we would be where we are when we left high school, but we're all satisfied with the direction life has gone. In some ways, it felt like we were the same and yet so very different. We've maintained our personalities, but have ten years more of life experience and maturity. (Though it seems that 10 years didn't help the maturity level of some of our classmates... though alcohol may have played a role in some of that behaviour. ;-) )

It will be interesting to see where we are in another 15 years.

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