Friday, June 26, 2009

Only Three More Weeks? Really?

Today I got to sleep in a few minutes. I got to sleep in because I didn't need to eat breakfast at home. I didn't need to eat breakfast at home because my Company* had gotten us a catered breakfast. These breakfasts aren't unusual. Just 8 days after I started, I was treated to my first Company breakfast to celebrate 25 years of operations. They gave everyone a little portable DVD player. Everyone included me and the six other people who started the same day I started.

Today's breakfast was special because they were announcing the latest step in an initiative that I was largely responsible for well over a year ago. I can't take full credit, but I organized all the different thoughts and conversations about making the Company a better place to work, put the people together to make things happen, and just this morning, the partners rolled out the latest initiative.

Just three hours after the great announcement, and still full from breakfast, I went down to the back parking lot where the first of the summer BBQ lunches was being served. After downing some fruits, veggies and a hot dog, I tossed around a football with my co-workers and boss. And just two hours after that, I stood in the lunchroom while everyone else ate birthday cake. (As delicious as the chocolate mousse cake looked, I just couldn't bring myself to eat even a sliver.)

After taking a "cake break," I returned to the boardroom where I was meeting with the IT guy about some of the improvements that our ERP system can bring to various processes. As we talked, I realized how little time I have left. The last two years that I've been at the Company, there have been a lot of changes and improvements. At times, I felt like I had to fight tooth and nail to get people on board, but now I can see how the incremental improvements have really added up. It really does make me sad that I won't be around to roll out many of the changes we talked about today, but I really think I will stay in touch with the Company to see how everything turns out.

This post is probably three weeks premature, but after feeling completely SPOILED today, I was feeling sappy and sentimental about the last two years of work. I've learned and grown so much. I'm really going to miss my coworkers. (Side note: Someone asked me at lunch today whether I was going to miss them, and we joked around a lot, but it's true... I really will miss you! Even though none of you read my blog, I don't think...) In the years since I've graduated my job, I've transitioned many times between school and work (summer jobs and the 2-year hiatus from university to work in children's ministry before going into undergrad business), and it's always tough. I get really used to seeing my coworkers every day, and over time you build trust and rapport and get to the point where you really talk about everything. Although, I suppose that having sections and learning teams next year AND being in a relatively small class, I will still get to experience that.

As I ramble on... I do still have three weeks left. I guess I can leave some of the reflecting until then!

*Note: This is one of those areas in which I struggle with anonymity. Do I say the name of my company? Or do I just keep it as Company? For now, I will keep it relatively private. But if you are looking for somewhere to work in Edmonton, and are an engineer of the electrical variety, let me know and I'll hook you up with our HR guy...

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Metal said...

I distinctly remember walking out of my office on the last day at work before joining school. I was crying and it was raining heavily with the monsoons in Bombay as if the heavens were crying with me. I have made the effort to keep in touch with every colleague and client I worked with in Europe. Its all worth it! Nothing like hearing back from them every now n then.