Monday, June 01, 2009

High School Reunion

This Saturday is my ten-year high school reunion.

It's hard to believe that high school was ten years ago. I know that a lot of people found high school to be a difficult time, but I was not one of those people. For me, junior high was abolutely horrible, and high school was like this oasis of awesomeness, fun and good relationships. It's weird to think that I'll be seeing old classmates, and I think all of them that knew me will be surprised at where I've ended up.

17-year-old me would definitely be surprised at what 27-year-old me is like. First of all, 17-me would not be able to handle knowing that 27-me is not only single, but plans to remain that way. 17-me was planning on getting married at 24. 17-me would also find it really surprising that not only did I end up in business, but that I am pursuing my MBA... in Virginia of all places! 17-me knew only that I was going to Bible College for a year. Any plans beyond that were more centered around building a family and having kids before 30. It's funny what girls come up with when we haven't really identified our skills and passions. :-)

17-me was a lot more zealous. I'm still passionate about my faith, but I live it in a much less in-your-face fashion. I am ashamed to admit that 17-me even had an altercation with my CALM (Career and Life Management) teacher about how a certain movie was inappropriate. 27-me would be completely embarassed to be with someone who did that, much less BE that person.

And now that we've turned that corner... I do appreciate that 17-me was so hardcore and legalistic (at times) about her faith. While it would be a shame to still be like that, I definitely appreciated that while 17-me wasn't perfect, she never turned down the drugs/alcohol path. I learned to drink alcohol in a much more responsible manner when I was of legal age. I haven't had to worry about alcoholism or nicotine addiction. (Of course, not that everyone who experiments with these things in high school goes down that path; most don't. BUT, it wasn't an issue at all for me.) There are also other good choices that 17-me made in high school that 27-me really appreciates.

One of these is learning to serve. I had a youth pastor in high school who dragged us off to Mexico to build houses and to the inner city to visit homeless men and off to camp to play with kids living in poverty and broken homes. 17-me was quick to get involved in everything, and those values have been deeply instilled in 27-me. In fact, 17-me would have been surprised to discover that 27-me found that a career in business could still satisfy that need to change the world... and to maybe do so more effectively than without it.

Anyway... I am interested to see how Saturday turns out. I've never been to a reunion, and I have no idea who will be there, though I am anxiously hounding my friends on Facebook to come.

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