Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It's the perfect evening. After a few rather hot, humid days, tonight the rain poured down and cooled everything off. As I prepare for bed, I've opened the window to get the air going and the smell of rain has wafted in. The croaking of frogs, a sound that I have quickly gotten used to in the few short weeks I've been here, reigns persistent, punctuated only by the occasional sound of a bug succumbing to the zapper on my neighbour's deck. The breeze from outside is welcome, making my room comfortably cool so I can snuggle under my duvet.

And I am at peace.

For those of you who have just "tuned in" to my blog, I feel as though I need to preface this next section with a warning... My faith is very important to me. So a lot of times, I interweave normal, everyday events with what others consider spiritual. And I recognize that many people see faith differently than me, so when I do that, just bear with me. :-)

Anyway, after being stressed last night with all the details of a cross-border move, a friend on Facebook reminded me that I just need to breathe and let God do the rest. It's funny, because that's what he told me throughout the MBA application process. (Yes, I stressed a lot. If you have gone through it, you understand. If you are just starting, I know your pain, but trust me, it's worth it. And if you haven't done it at all, have compassion on those that have!)

With the way the doors have opened, I really feel as though God is leading me down this path. It's an unsettling time to be leaving a stable job to invest in a significant education, knowing that hiring is down. But all I really need to do is take one step at a time, and trust that I'm not going to end up filing for bankruptcy protection or begging for food on the street. (And hey, if I do, well, it will be character building.) When I really learn to trust God's plan, I'm reminded that the bumps and hurdles that we face in life generally put us in a better spot. I still remember the day I didn't get an invitation to interview at what I thought was my dream B-school. All the invitations came out on one earth-shattering day. But a good friend reminded me to just trust God's plan, and ultimately, I think Darden is a much better fit.

So, I will make lists of what needs to be done. (As per my friends' suggestions!) Then I will do the things on the lists. And, in just over 6 weeks(!), I will confidently stroll into the next phase of my life, trusting that God has a plan, even when I can't see it.


Julie B said...

Beautiful! Grace for the moment is what He gives. I am praying for you, I love having a glimpse into your journey, it is so awesome how God works isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

You are always too kind to reference your friends as smart people... we just eat chinesse fortune cookies more often