Sunday, January 29, 2006

More on the Day of Rest (I should be working...)

After some more thought, I've come up with a tentative conclusion.

Like all other biblical commands, the day of rest is a principle more than a hard and fast rule. (I do say that carefully, of course.)

Obviously, I do not consider it "sin" to be working today, but it would be a troublesome lifestyle if I were to simply give up striving for times of rest and simply cram more into my lifestyle. I generally plan to have Sunday (afternoons at least) off. As a result, I do the things that need to be done on Saturday, making them a priority for the day's activities.

If I still have stuff to do, I can take a Sunday afternoon to finish them up. I think it allows for me to go into the week with more focus and less worry. And less worry is what the "Sabbath" is all about anyway.

I will continue to strive for Sundays off, because I really do think it is important to have a day OFF - where I take time to ignore the things that usually concern me.

And when I am unable to take a Sabbath during my week, I really do feel the effects - tiredness and irritability.

But what can you do? It is a price, but a small price to pay, for more peace during the rest of the week.

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