Saturday, January 28, 2006

Study Break...


It used to be that it was possible to take off one day a week. Sundays were for relaxing, hanging out with friends... being BORED even.

Not anymore. With three assignments due Tuesday, two significant volunteer positions with responsibilities next week, the Apprentice competition, a marketing case competition and work, I have no choice but to work tomorrow.

Really, I shouldn't be taking the time to write this, but I just needed a break before I beat up Excel for not being able to tell me the answer for my finance problem. It shouldn't be a hard question, but the wording is so convoluted that I just can't tell what the question is asking.

When Moses received the command to obey the Sabbath, he wasn't trying to juggle school, work, volunteering, networking and meaningful social relationships. All he had on the go was leading the Israelites.

Okay, yes, I know that isn't true. But I used to be so good at balancing my time so that I had a day off in the week! What has happened? Perhaps this is just preparation for real life. But, there must be a way...

Well, all I can really say is that I'm going to Phoenix in less than 3 weeks. And I'm sure I'll have some time off then.

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Ms. A said...

Hi Julie!
I finally decided to join this blogger community. I'm maryaspler at whatever the address is. Remember, you don't really have to rest on Sunday. You could just take any day off or combinations of days and that would also work. I was thinking that you might have to work this Sunday, but then when you have your Phoenix vacation, it can make up for all the times you had to work on Sundays. Ha Ha. I'm just rambling on and on. Sorry about that. I hope that after reading this you have become a bit more destressed. I hope you get all your assignments done.