Monday, January 23, 2006

Sense of Urgency

Tonight I spent some time reading about poverty. Videos, stats, websites...

The current plan is to get some experience and then start an organization that does something... the dream is to see different movements to alleviate poverty around the globe united to work with greater efficiency. I want the overhead for the organization to be covered by several private corporations so any money donated would be given directly to projects. And the plan was always to do this once I figured out what I was doing.

But I'm not sure it can wait. There are people dying NOW.

Perhaps it is time to start putting the business plan together...

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Anonymous said...

HI Joo!! Don't think that people don't read your blogg! I do, I have been for the past 2 weeks and I draw inspiration form it! It gives me strength and makes me smile! I will start my own after I'm done with exams(very stressful week)
lots of love, Aleks in Germany