Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coming Together...

Some "exciting" developments this week. I have most of my visa papers together. My I-20 came through courier on Tuesday, and I paid the SEVIS fee today, so I just have to wait for one more form to come in the mail and I'll be set on that front. I can't tell you how much of a relief it is to not have to go through an interview!

For moving, I have secured a bed, desk and bookshelf, which was really the extent of the furniture I planned to buy, since my roommate will be moving most of hers and that will make for a fully furnished apartment. I got it from a graduated Darden student, so it was all used (read "cheap" :-) ) and will be available pretty much when I arrive.

The most exciting news of the week is that both my sisters have confirmed their vacation time and are going to be making the drive down to C'ville with me! They booked their plane tickets home today.

And the least progress this week has been on packing. In just over a week, I will move in to my parents' house to save some extra money for moving and wardrobe updating (this running is taking it's toll on my wardrobe... my clothes are all getting too big!). To date, I have packed half a box of my grandmother's china. So that will likely occupy my spare time over the next week.

Darden finally released the pre-enrollment modules, and planning on being able to just zip right through them, I was stopped dead in my tracks on the first question of the Excel module. See, I'm kind of an Excel ninja (a term coined by my former "BUS 201" prof). I can do a lot of really awesome fancy stuff. However, I'm still operating in old Excel 2003, and next year I will be using 2007. SO, I will have to spend some time with 2007 before I can take the module. Since that will require downloading the trial version with little enough time that I can buy a copy from the school before it expires, the pre-enrollment modules will just have to wait until after I move.

Anyway... did not intend to make this so long! This evening totally got away from me. After watching what ended up being a 2-hour season finale of Ugly Betty (show I am most ashamed of watching...), a 40 minute phone call to our "beloved" Internet provider who had shut off our service in the transition to my roommate's name, a quick run before the sun set, and finally the toilet plugging up, I barely finished what I really wanted to accomplish. And the messages waiting in my various inboxes will just have to go unanswered another evening...

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