Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Mothers are amazing. Having friends who are going through the childbirthing stages of life, I can really see all that mothers go through, both in the process of becoming a mother, and in all the years following. Pregnancy and childbirth don't really seem like much of a picnic, nor do sleepless nights and diaper changing. Then, as children grow up and develop personalities of their own and start making their own decisions, there are always challenges to be faced.

My own mother is amazing. When I hear other people talk about typical mothers, I can never really identify. Many people complain about how their mothers talk and nag, but my mom isn't like that at all. She's always been the "strong, silent type." She speaks when she has something relevant to say. Though there have been times when she's given me wisdom or correction in my life, I have never felt as though she nagged. Well, maybe in junior high, but that was probably more due to my own attitude than hers.

More importantly than anything, my mom has been a great example. She has had a very successful career, and yet has always been able to keep her priorities straight, staying home to work when my sisters and I were in elementary school, and making time to serve others. Her (and my father) have always made me and my sisters believe that we can do anything we want. As I head off to do my MBA at a top business school in the US, my sisters are preparing for their own successful careers. (Ironically, I will be the only daughter who doesn't get to put "Dr." in front of her name!) I have no doubt that it was the strong support and encouragement of our parents that have led us down these paths.

Anyway, I think it's great that we have a day to honour mothers. For all they do and contribute to this world, one day hardly seems enough. I suppose, Mom, since you lost at the board games today, we'll have to have a mother's day sequel and let you win. ;-)

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