Monday, May 04, 2009

Travelling Dreams

As I added my bucket list to my blog this past weekend, I realized that despite having about 90% of the things on the list involving travel, I have done very little travelling in my life. I've started to wonder how, as someone who really dreams of travelling, I've managed to pass it up all these years.

There are probably a million different excuses I could lay down for not doing it, but I think when it comes down to it, I just need to make a plan and go for it. A book I read a while back ("Climbing the Corporate Ladder in High Heels" by Kathleen Archambeau) suggested that we should visit three new places every year. I think, with that in mind, that it is a good thing I am moving to Virginia. Though I hit my three places last year, I've exhausted every good road tripping location within a reasonable drive from Edmonton. Though time and money will be tight next year, I'm hoping that I can get in some good low-budget road trips. At the very least, I've got a wedding in Sioux City,Iowa and a stop in Louisville, Kentucky on the drive down to Darden this summer. I shouldn't have too much trouble getting in a third destination.

Any other suggestions on getting in European travel on a very low budget?

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