Friday, May 29, 2009


Every time I move, I attempt to purge the huge accumulation of stuff that I feel the need to lug around. As I am currently packing for my third move in 2 years, I thought by now the purging would have finally been complete. And before I started, I wondered how I could have possibly made it through two moves WITHOUT purging anything of value.

But then it comes time to actually throw away stuff. Back in the day, there was no Victoria's Secret in Canada, so I stocked up on lotions every time I was in the US. Lotions that I never use. But then it came time to throwing out a bottle of lotion nearly 3/4 full and it was hard.

Then I got to a box full of stuffed animals. Let's be serious... what girl in her late 20s needs a box of stuffed animals? So I started putting them with the other stuff going to Goodwill. And then I pulled out Daphne, my old, worn Cabbage Patch doll with the partially braided long hair. Well, she's not in nearly good enough condition to donate to charity, but I can't possibly throw her away. I've decided that I need just one box of those extra sentimental childhood memories. When I have a more permanent home, those dolls can come with me and my nieces can play with them. (Note: I have no nieces yet... probably won't until well after I'm established more permanently...)

Anyway, I now see why I have such a large accumulation of stuff. On the plus side, I have packed less than I have thrown away or designated to charity, so I'm making progress. My mom told me I couldn't bring home more than what will fit in my car, so I guess I'd better be ruthless!

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